Update with New Version

How to update existing version of Cleanto?

First of all just take backup of old Cleanto files which is on your root path (http://yourwebsite/cleanto/).

Just follow the steps to update Cleanto into latest version:

  • Step 1: Take backup of your website files and database.
  • Step 2: Now note down the database credential from old Cleanto's config.php hostname, username, password, database name and Envato purchase code.
  • Step 3: Now download latest Cleanto package from Envato and unzip cleanto.zip file you got with downloaded pack and replace all Cleanto current version files with latest version files.

NOTE: Don't make any change in database.

  • Step 4: After replacing the files, Cleanto root URL will show easy installer as follows:

Choose update option on step first of installer and follow all other steps. Put the all required information (hostname, username, password, database name and Envato purchase code), it will create config.php automatically.

All is done and now check with login at http://yourwebsite/cleanto/admin