Cleanto Change Log

Version 2.3

  • Strict mode issue Fixed.

Version 2.2

  • Appointment details fields show/hide added.
  • Gmail SMTP settings issue fixed.
  • Edit email templates functionality improved.
  • Multi language dropdown on booking form improved.
  • Installer path settings improved.

Version 2.1

  • Label issue fixed.
  • Startup configuration improved.

Version 2.0

  • New staff in business is added
  • Option to change the google fonts for front booking is added
  • Methods,Units and addons are sortable now
  • Language selection dropdown in front booking is added
  • Made all booking form fields manageable
  • Assign an appointment to staff feature added
  • Payment details of the staff is added
  • Postal code placeholder is added
  • Option to upload favicon is added
  • Booking Calendar Js effect is added on date selection
  • Email templates are imrpoved
  • Users table data structure is improved

Version 1.6

  • PayUmoney payment gateway added
  • Textlocal SMS gateway added
  • Payment method bank transfer added
  • Service description made manageable
  • Form Field 'How we will get in' made manageable
  • country code with flag made manageable
  • Booking Notification design issue fixed
  • Iframe full height scroll fixed
  • Internet Explorer 11 browser design issue fixed
  • Authorize.net payment gateway issue fixed

Version 1.5

  • Nexmo sms gateway added
  • Company logo manageable from admin
  • Installer Script added
  • New Labels added
  • Option to delete registered customers added
  • Company address for booking page visible/hide option added
  • Zip code dynamic for booking page visible/hide option added
  • Login and Booking page background manageable added
  • Existing and new user booking enable disabled from settings
  • Tooltip added for description in booking page
  • Tooltip for calendar display available slots
  • Company logo visible/hide option added
  • Reset button functionality fixed while adding addons
  • Prevent booking without login fixed
  • Frequently discount issue fixed
  • Update and insert conflication get solved in promocode
  • PDF invoice for displaying long text fixed
  • Country code uneditable manually fixed
  • Display of tax/vat in payment listing fixed
  • Working of save monthly schedule type fixed
  • Display of add break tab in schedule tab fixed
  • Off times in front panel in calendar time slots fixed
  • Display of expiry date while adding coupon fixed
  • Notifications count issue on dashboard fixed
  • Embed Code white space issue fixed
  • Language translatable issue fixed
  • Specific mobile view design issue fixed

Version 1.4

  • 2checkout payment method added
  • Postal Code Enable/Disable option added
  • Wild card postal Code or zip code option added
  • Upload image errors fixed
  • Start time should be smaller than end time issue fixed
  • Units and addons duplicate names conflict fixed
  • While adding addons, multiple Quantity option fixed
  • Notification popup issue fixed
  • Stripe user email information issue fixed
  • Overbooking issue on already booked slots fixed
  • Js issue fixed while addon Multiple Quanity in Addons
  • Booking time in email template issue fixed
  • PDF Invoice empty method issue fixed
  • Postal code validation improved
  • Service page labels improved
  • Data table download reports improved
  • Loading image added for payment option pages
  • Notifications design Improved
  • Display message on adding and deleting offdays
  • Display transaction id in payment listing for pay at venue option
  • Displayed AM/PM in capitals
  • Enabled froentend design option even with single unit

Version 1.3

  • Stripe payment method added
  • RTL Support added
  • Manageable SMS templates added
  • Twilio SMS gateway added
  • Plivo SMS gateway added
  • Manageable Email templates added
  • Admin menu design improved
  • Email Template design Improved
  • Dynamic timezone while configure
  • Whats new section added
  • Manage vacuum & parking status according to settings
  • Default country code in profile fixed
  • Forget password for admin and client email notification fixed
  • Cancellation policy in frontend sync with admin setting fixed
  • Notification booking status displaying fixed

Version 1.2

  • Language settings issue fixed
  • PDF Invoice labels issue fixed
  • Calendar date selection issue fixed
  • All placeholders made translatable

Version 1.1

  • Multi language feature added
  • Authorize.Net Payment Gateway added
  • New default image option in add-ons services added
  • Remember me password feature is added
  • Custom css feature added
  • Default country code option from admin added
  • Default flag selected in user registration added
  • Service add-on add new pricing rule improved
  • Sample data functionality improved 
  • Admin profile validation improved
  • Validation error messages improved
  • User details display improved
  • Discount calculations issue fixed
  • Add-ons selection issue fixed
  • Date issue fixed in calendar
  • Availability time slots issue fixed

Version 1.0

  • Initial release