Language Translation In Bookdice

Bookdice is fully translatable. You can make translation with POedit tool.To make Bookdice translation follow following steps:

Step 1 -  Install "Poedit" software on your windows/ios. Please download and install it on your system.

Step 2 - After installation open POedit tool.

Step 3 - Click on a create new translation and select your .pot file from Bookdice plugin folder. Please follow the path for select your file for translation. (wp-content\plugins\bookdice\languages) .

Step 4 - Please select language for translation .

Step 5 - Select label and translate it accordingly . You can change all label accordingly. After change all the label you can save file in same directory (wp-content\plugins\bookdice\languages)

Step 6 - Please save the file on given location and set the file name like bd-fr_FR.po,bd-fr_FR.mo (wordpress locale code). like

Step 7 - Please select your language in your WordPress instance.

That's all,Please let us know, if you still facing any issue.Thanks