Shortcode or embed code in wordpress

Is this product having any easy way to integrate this booking system with my current Wordpress?

Yes,Cleanto is easily useable in WordPress website. You can use Cleanto using embed code in WordPress website. Please follow the following steps to use Cleanto embed code.

Step 1 :- Please upload Cleanto folder with your WordPress files. 

Step 2 :- Install Cleanto on your WordPress site using Cleanto url.  https://yourwordpressdomain.com/cleanto  .To read more about installation,please follow helping article https://skymoonlabs.ticksy.com/article/8627/

Step 3 :- Please login into your Cleanto admin panel and go to "Embed Code" menu . Choose embed code style which you want to show on your WordPress website. Cleanto have two style of embed code.

First Method - Show on page load (show Cleanto booking form on page load)

Second Method - Show on button click (show Cleanto booking form in popup, on click of button)

Step 4 :- Copy "Get embeded code"  textarea area value and paste it in your WordPress page in text mode. That's it!!

Visit your WordPress page and you will be able to access Cleanto into your WordPress website. Thanks