How To Manage Staff ?


  • To add staff you have click on “plus icon” showing in left side in staff menu. Once you click on button then add staff form showing
  • We have also provide options for add new staff or you have to add “Wordpress user” ( Existing users) to staff.
  • If you choose new staff option then new staff form open or if you select another option then “Wordpress user” displaying in dropdown you can simply select user and create that user to staff. As like below

  • Once you created staff then its display staff name in left side panel and in right side staff details tabs show for staff details, services, availability, add breaks, off time, off days of staff.
  • You can set staff details from details tab, assign service to staff then you can go to service tabs and assign service to staff, then you can set availability of staff that on which date or time staff available etc., then need to add breaks then you can use add breaks tabs, for off times use off times tab and for off days you can use off days tab that staff not available on which data or month.
  • To display staff in frontend for booking we need to “ ON ” option of “ Enable booking ” in details tab. And also need to set availability of staff
  • Also we can assign staff to manager using starred sign showing in left panel.